Røhne Nedre

Welcome to a cultural experience in the restored side building of the farm. You will find the Emperor Napoleon and King Oscar painted on the walls of the upstairs room. The “Empress Josephine” will show you around and tell you the history of the wall paintings and how the building was restored. How did paintings of part of European history in the 1840s come to be on walls here in Stange, and who was here and painted them? You can also hear what life on the farm was like in the 1800s.

We can serve our own home baking or a good lunch in the ground floor lounge, which is the oldest room in the building, dating from the 1600s. You can relax here over a bite to eat with good friends or colleagues a in a warm, pleasant atmosphere. Perhaps you would like to wander over to the late iron age burial mound. You can also see something of what the farm produces, which is grain, chickens and timber. We have our own bio-energy plant, fired with straw and wood.

We welcome groups of 10-40 persons. We have a farm café and guided tours on open days. If you wish to arrange a group tour, seminar or meeting or just want an unusual experience with a group of friends, contact us for bookings. We are located 3 km south of the centre of Stange, and in easy cycling distance of the other farms in Stange Vestbygd.

Contact details

Røhne Nedre
Karoline Finstad Vold and Erling Vold
Jernbanegt 287
2335 Stange

Mobile: +47 96 22 72 15
Mobile: +47 91 70 31 59