Husmannsplass Raasvea – summer rental

Raa Nordre is one of Stange Vestbygd’s original ancient farms; people have lived on this land for as long as 3,000 years. The farm lies beside Ekebergveien in the south of the district, on the borderline between forest and cultivated landscape. An old cotter’s farm on the site has recently been restored. This can now be rented by the week and offers an undisturbed and idyllic location in the woodland of Stange Vestbygd with a view down towards Lake Mjøsa. The cotter’s farm building has a kitchen, lounge and bedroom for three persons. The annex has a bathroom with shower and wash basin and sleeps two. Outhouse with outside toilet. There is garden furniture and a barbecue area in the yard. Available for rent between 20 May and 20 September. Price: NOK 4,500.- per week. Distance to the centre of Hamar: 16 km.

Contact details

Margrete Nøkleby
Raa Nordre
Ekebergveien 103
2335 Stange

Tel: +47 977 13 367