Per Otto Ween – Bee-Keeper

We are bee-keepers in Stange Vestbygd. Our bees gather nectar from the diverse flora of Vestbygd, largely from the raspberries in Kjemstad. We harvest our summer honey around 20 July, when the raspberry blossom has finished. We then move the hives to Engerdal, where they stand out in the heather moors at Snerta and Elgå and the bees find the essential nectar for heather honey.

The bees have to visit about 40,000 flowers to make one kilo of honey. And the bees are very important for plant pollination. Honey is a natural product, sold just as the bees made it, with no additives of any kind. All we do as bee-keepers is to centrifuge it out, then sieve it and stir to a suitable consistency, before filling the jars.

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Per Otto Ween
Fokholgutua 268, 2335 Stange

Mob: +47 907 78 307

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