Few rural areas can offer such valuable natural qualities as Stange Vestbygd. Here are some of the most fertile agricultural areas in the country, as well as a large part of Lake Mjøsa. What makes Stange Vestbygd special is mainly the amount of continuous farmland. We see here some of the best and most productive land in the country. The land is rolling and rounded, only interrupted by hedges, fences and well-trimmed farms. It is easy to be captivated by this fertile nature park. Because you have such a feeling of space and dimension when you are out and about in Stange Vestbygd. Those who laid out the farms must have thought of beauty and they must have thought big. And there is a great deal to be found here. A place to top up your batteries.

If you are looking for an authentic farm experience, elegant manor houses or golf, come to Stange Vestbygd.

Welcome to stillness, wide-open spaces are beautiful farmland wherever you look.

Featured attractions

Fokhol Farm

Fokhol Farm lies to the east of Stange Church, in rolling countryside with views of Lake Mjøsa. After being owned... read more

Husmannsplass Raasvea - sommerutleie

Raa Nordre is one of Stange Vestbygd's original ancient farms; people have lived on this land for as long as... read more

Fjetre Farm

The farm is run by Iren and Sven Peter Sinnerud and is in full operation, producing cereals, potatoes and carrots.... read more

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